Open source

Here you will find our open source libraries:


Loku is a simple audio stream API for Android using RxJava 2.




SVCEval-RA is a simulation framework for rate-adaptive video transmission using the Scalable Video Coding standard (H.264/SVC). Our approach uses feedback information about the available bandwidth to allow the video source to select the most suitable combination of SVC layers for the transmission of the video sequence. The proposed solution has been integrated into the network simulator NS-2 in order to support realistic network simulations.




Strategic OLSR (SOLSR) consists of a variant of the standard routing protocol OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing, RFC 3626), which is one of the most widely used protocols in ad hoc wireless networks. In this sort of networks, nodes are generally powered by means of batteries, which involves significant limitations regarding the time of operation of devices. In that sense, this work has been carried out in order to optimize the energy expenditure on nodes, especially on those devices characterized by a higher connectivity level (i.e. higher number of neighbors).

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