In this section we present some videos related to our projects, research and developments. You can also find these videos in our   channel:

Optical sensor monitoring and representation

These two videos show a sensor monitoring platform developed by the Multimedia Communications Group. Specifically, the videos shows how the events produced on a bridge are transferred to a viewing platform in real time (the first video has text in Spanish).

Diversity in TV reception by DVB

This video presents the demonstrator of a DVB diversity system of fast video switching, where there are two DVB reception interfaces. When the system detects the loss of connectivity of a link and the video buffer is empty, it immediately starts playing video from the other link. The change between both interfaces is done quickly and as imperceptibly as possible for the user, thus improving the Quality of Experience (QoE). When the two links fall, the system displays a message informing that there is no signal. Finally, when either of the two interfaces starts receiving signal again, the video playback resumes.

Brief tutorial about DASH video standard

This video presents a brief humorous tutorial titled “What is DASH?”, which briefly explains the operation of the adaptive video transmission standard DASH (Dynamic Adaptive streaming over HTTP). This video was the winner of the first edition of “iTEAM pills”, organized by the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications. More info.

Technological demonstrators of the Telefónica Chair UPV 2016

This video presents the two technological demonstrators in which the Multimedia Communications Group has participated within the Telefónica Chair of the Universitat Politècnica de València 2016. One of them presents a sensor system in charge of monitoring noise pollution, while the other is oriented to agricultural environments, measuring environmental variables.

Testbed of the audio sensor distributed network within SSPressing project

This video shows a testbed of the audio sensor distributed network within the SSPressing (Smart Sound Processing for the Digital Living) project. The testbed was carried out at the Universitat Politècnica de València.

Talk about the collaboration with our R&D Group

Salvador Ferrairó, Technical Manager of the company VideoAcustic S.A. presents the collaboration carried out between his company and the Multimedia Communications Group. The video highlights some of the advantages of working with research groups from the Universitat Politècnica de València.

(Spanish audio)

Azimut Bus Solutions

Project carried out together with the company Azimut to develop an on board entertaining systems for passengers. This systems allows clients to access all kinds of multimedia contents such as films, tv shows, music, Internet, books, newspapers, live TV… from their own smartphones, tablets or laptops. All information is transferred in a wireless way, thus allowing clients to enjoy an unique experience.

COMINN: Interactive shop center with natural interaction

Demonstrative video of the COMINN project. The main objective of the COMINN project is to develop a new paradigm of contextual and interactive commercial information for the retail sector. This new technology will be based on new adaptive audiovisual distribution techniques, content intelligent recommendation, display and natural interaction with the product, wireless technologies and multiscreen synchronization.

(Spanish audio)

Application development for monitoring and control of power consumption at home

Towards an smart power consumption. Arduino, Android and much more.

(Spanish audio)

3D, interaction and immersion: a new user QoE paradigm

Presentation video of the Immersive TV project in the VI Jornada de Actualización en Telecomunicación, organized by the Universidad Santo Tomás en Bucaramanga (Colombia). The video is split into three parts.

(Spanish audio)

Immersive TV

Presentation of the Immersive TV project in the News of La 1 from TVE (Public Spanish TV).

(Spanish audio)

ICARE. Multiscreen synchronization

Augmented reality and multimedia synchronization.

Surveillance system

A proactive surveillance system for the elderly through mobile devices.

(Spanish audio)

Twitter client for mobile devices

Twitter client for mobile by using voice commands. Accessibility to social networks for  people with disabilities.

(Spanish audio)

Home teleassistance for connected TVs

A home teleassistance system for the monitoring of healthy treatments and recovering processes.

(Spanish audio)